PIMSS Benefits

A small selection of the Benefits of PIMSS

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Multi User System

PIMSS is a Multi User System that effectively and powerfully manages a companies employees.

24/7 Access

Information can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection using secure servers that are based in the United Kingdom.

Powerful search facilities

Information can be easily sorted and filtered to show you the information that you want to see.

Time Saving

The management of personnel will now take minutes rather than hours and days, reports can be produced instantly.

Protective Equipment

Manage an employees Protective Equipment (PPE). Schedule replacement and work out costs.


Store images of an employee as well as the front and back of qualifications Allows photo verification of employees and qualifications.


Ensure that your personnel are qualified to perform the work that is required of them.

Warning System

PIMSS will notify you when qualifications are due to expire and when training needs should be realised, PIMSS can warn you regarding a variety of information.


Manage and store items of documentation relating to an employee.

Training Needs

Record training that an employee needs to achieve and monitor the progress until completion.


Record the whole life of a qualification and have the ability to measure the progress.

Export Data

Data within PIMSS can easily be exported to Spreadsheets or word processors.

Experience / Skills

Record the experience and skills of an employee as well as their roll within the company


A multitude of reports that will allow the user to produce reports on all aspects of PIMSS.

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