Pimss Features - Comprehensive Personnel Records

PIMSS software is centered around a personnel matrix and it shows a list of every company employee.

The matrix is a powerful aspect of PIMSS and allows employees to be filtered and searched using a wide variety of criteria. Personnel can be filtered by status and contract as well as other filter options.

Personnel Records make extensive use of colour coding to ensure that information is visual and easy to find.

Pimss Features - Comprehensive Personnel Records Screenshot

Each employee has the following sections :

Company Details

Record company details and organise an employee by contract and departments

Pimss Company Details Screenshot

Personal Details

Manage personal details of the employee

Pimss Personal Details Screenshot

Personnel – Development

Record qualifications and achievements, Experience, Roles, Skills and Training Needs

Pimss Personnel – Development Screenshot


Store any item of documentation for an employee

Pimss Documentation Screenshot


Record Notes for an employee

Pimss Notes Details Screenshot

Protective Equipment (PPE)

Record training that is needed for an employee

Pimss Protective Equipment Screenshot


Each employee has a diary section which records all user interaction

Pimss Diary Screenshot
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