PIMSS improves productivity !

March 2015

>This article indicates how the client portal can operate within PIMSS allowing the client and the sub contractor to share health and safety information between them for mutual benefit


One of the biggest benefits of PIMSS is the affect that it has on productivity.

PIMSS is a robust and powerful application that has been designed with the user in mind and it is an incredibly easy application to use.

Within all industries and sectors the collation of information on a company’s workforce is time consuming and none productive.

PIMSS deals with information in an easier more efficient way, giving you time to deal with other issues.

Entering data within the application is quick and most importantly, accurate.

Using PIMSS will reduce costs and administration time by streamlining procedures for data inputting, collating, reporting and viewing

There is no need for a paper trail of spreadsheets that cannot process information quickly or cannot be viewed by Operational and HR staff, PIMSS will allow you to take action instantly when possible breach's of an employee's competency become apparent.

PIMSS is an internet based application that can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere that has an internet connection.

The Client Portal within PIMSS will ensure that there is no longer a requirement to produce information on your workforce for your client. They can have viewable information from the reporting section instantly.

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