PIMSS and Health & Safety Legislation

March 2015

This article discusses how PIMSS plays an important role in the management of Health & Safety legislation


In today’s business world it is imperative that the workforce of any company has the right credentials to carry out their day to day duties in a safe, professional and competent manner.

Can you be 100% certain that your personnel are qualified to carry out their work safely and efficiently? Being able to answer those questions is an important part of the day-to-day operation in any organisation. But for businesses where safety is critical - particularly in transport, energy and construction - getting the answers wrong not only costs money: it can also cost lives.

The PIMSS program is a health and safety personnel development internet software program which collates, manages and produces accurate information to meet current legislation for the health industry.

It is essential to have the correct tools and procedures to manage the competence of employees within the organisation. It is now a requirement within health and safety legislation.

PIMMS is a modulated system which houses all relevant information that you require within one application.

The achievements and qualifications of a companies workforce either directly or indirectly employed can be monitored and the individuals training needs determined.

PIMSS will give you all of the necessary tools to ensure that you adhere to the latest Health & Safety legislation and it will help to reduce insurance premiums - Insurance companies take seriously the management of an organisations controls and procedures that reduces or negates the risks of injury to employees within any industry.

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